Video: How to Organize your Home Finances

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Peace of Mind is Yours if You Start the First Step

Get organized so you sit down regularly to pay bills and do a budget.

I wear a few hats as the “CEO” of my household so keeping a smooth running home can be overwhelming.  A simple system has helped me think less when it comes to organizing my home finances, especially when life throws those unforeseen curve balls.

My peace of mind when it comes to paying bills, filing statements for tax time, and having statements organized to easily do up a budget, did not happen over night.   

This system took the last decade to get to the point that it’s at today.  I tried a variety of other methods and only kept the good, while discarding the bad.

Why this system to organize your finances?

I tried going paperless but it was not for me. I would forget to pay the bill if it wasn’t physically mailed to me. And doing a budget online, instead of on a piece of paper was sooo not fun.

I prefer having the piece of paper.  Highlighting my bank statements to colour code expense categories makes me happy. 

If you haven’t found a system that is easy and feels good to you, then give this one a try. I promise you will love it!

Also, if you are self-employed or own rental properties then this system will work really well because you need to keep statements for up to seven years in case you get audited.

What do you get if you put this system into place?

A guidebook was my initial idea on how to share this system but then I thought a video would be the most effective way.  So now you get a guidebook and a video. Yea!

Print out the guidebook from page 2 to save on ink (you won’t need the title page). Then you can have it to follow as you watch the video and take notes.

The 23-minute video shares 12 steps that can be done over a few hours depending on the amount of paperwork.  Or you can do a few steps each day...whatever works for you to get through it and get organized.

I invested time and money into this video and don’t want it to be a vanity project. I really want people to watch it and implement it because it works.

So I created a closed Facebook group called, “Household CEO Lounge” where I can meet you to answer questions about the video if you get stuck.

Watch this video and implement the steps exactly the same!

One of my favourite videos coming up is Completing a Net Worth Statement where you can measure your financial heath and progress. It will be so easy to do once you are organized.    

I use this system for myself and I also help my clients put it into place.

So, what’s stopping you – time?

Well then, do one step – start by buying the supplies and then the next day gather all your financial statements in the house.

Go ahead – click the button to get started.  

Believe me: it will be worth it.