3 Money Questions to Ensure Your Prince Charming Is Not a Financial Frog

Harry & Meghan Wedding Pic.jpg

Joy and love for the couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is shared by many.

Especially, now that we can take a deep sigh of relief that May 19th was the date they set to commit for life. 

Meghan is to be admired not only for her nuptials and dazzling smile but also her success independent from her prince. 

Meghan, now a modern day princess, started out a hardworking and talented woman who earned her wealth from acting, and calligraphy between gigs. She is financially secure and has attracted a worthy match. 

If you’re a successful woman, like Meghan, who has built her career and financial security you don’t want to risk it for love.  

Don’t get blindsided by the bling – see if your potential prince is financially reliable by answering these three questions. 

1.    Does he have a large amount of “consumer” debt (a.k.a. credit card or line of credit)? 

In your Prince’s efforts to give you the world, don’t let his generosity blind you to the fact that it could be detrimental to his overall financial health.

He may be super generous with you and others by picking up the bill or buying frivolous wants on a frequent basis, such as coffees, clothes, trips, etc.  These purchases don’t have to be large in value, they can be small amounts that add up fast. 

Frivolous spending is acceptable if it’s in the budget, even if he is a real prince and super wealthy a plan for the money is needed.

A prince needs to watch the dollar bills too. “

Some general guidelines on how monthly income can be allocated is no more than 10% for good times, and another 5-10% for giving. 

It’s okay if he wants to “woo” you for the courting period but within reason. Also, return the gesture once in awhile and buy him something that he needs or wants. 

2.     Can he be supportive to your success? 

Just because a charming prince walks into your life that doesn’t mean your dreams stop.  

You may be a go-getter and want to be great at whatever it is that you do.  When this happens then money will likely follow for the value you provide to the world. Will your man be down with this?  Even if you potentially out - earn him? 

These are good conversations to have, before you tie the knot. Discuss with him what your career goals and dreams are. Now is a good time to find out if he expects you to drop your career and start a family, for example.

Markle, a self proclaimed feminist shared that, “Girls with dreams become women with vision.”  

I am looking forward to see what she does with the stage she will have to effect positive change.  

3.    Can he talk to you about money, openly and honestly? 

Prince or not, your man needs to be able to communicate with you, especially on money matters. 

If he gets upset and walks away when you talk about money, then he may be embarrassed and stressed with his financial state. 

Communication is the first and crucial key to cleaning up one’s money behaviour. He may need a bit of time to open up, along with a good counsellor, depending on if there are deeper issues.  

“Let your man know that you are not there to judge and want him to be open and honest about his finances.”

If he needs to make some changes to reach some financial goals before saying, “I do” then let him know this has to happen firstand give a reasonable time frame. 

Make sure you really know the man you want to marry. Meghan and Harry were dating for at least a year before getting engaged in November of 2017.  If there are things that concern you and make you feel uneasy, then understand that he may never change. And the next question is – can I live with this forever? If not, then this one may just be a financial frog and your prince is still to be found. 

 Mantra:  “I will meet an amazing man who is financially responsible, generous, and fun!”  

That, my ladies, is so damn sexy. Who wouldn’t want a life of laughter, peace of mind and choices. 

P.S. Hiring a financial coach would be the wisest investment before committing to marriage. You have leverage.