Thank you for making time to learn more about the person behind Dollar Dame Inc.

Acquiring and saving money was significant to me at a young age…so much so that I wanted to visit a bank to open a ‘savings account’ for my newspaper job earnings at the age of 11.  As a teen, I moved my money into a GIC (guaranteed investment certificate).  After that, it was mutual funds, and then stocks in my twenties.  There was no guidance or involvement from family in these matters, as we lived paycheck to paycheck. 

After high school, a B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration) introduced me to the option of a career in finance. Rather than the original path of marketing (which I found to be difficult, as I couldn’t consistently be creative), I preferred a more ‘black and white’ study like finance; there was only one right answer and I had enough room to be creative with types of solutions. It was the perfect mix.

After graduating with my business degree, I lived and worked in Japan for three years. This experience allowed me to become more open minded and appreciative of other ways of doing things. 

But soon enough, I missed my family and was ready to pursue a career in corporate finance. 

Fast forward to 2004…working in the investment industry for approximately the next 10 years provided a vast amount of experience. During this time, I became licensed in securities, options and insurance: securities allowed me to buy stocks, bonds or funds for my clients, options allowed me to hedge against potential risk in portfolios and insurance allowed me to help with potential risks in life. 

I loved providing solutions for clients but felt uneasy doing it in a corporate environment.  My personality was not made for the formal, suit-wearing, profit-driven industry.  So I decided to take my passion for personal finance and create my very own financial coaching business. 

I had a strong desire to do finance the way I wanted to do it. A feminine, comfortable space, along with a well-rounded approach to finance.  To me well-rounded financial advice means discussing not just one area of wealth, but all areas, such as, investments, real estate, estate planning and business planning. I have been involved with the Estate Planning Society in Kelowna, which is a group of professionals that meet monthly to discuss and learn more about issues that affect the client’s estate needs, wealth accumulation and protection. It has provided me a quality network, where I can confidently refer my clients to a trusted and knowledgeable specialist if needed in law, accounting, or estate planning.

I want my clients to feel at ease when they come to me for help, since finances for most can be overwhelming. Money matters can bring up feelings of intimidation and embarrassment so my job is to listen, support, and teach ways to manage money simply and smartly. 

Looking back at my strong desire to save… I understand it was about ‘security’ – financial security – to have a life with CHOICES. My mission has been shaped by this life-long desire, which is to help others have peace of mind with their financial future and to know they have choices to do what they want, when they want.

On a personal note, along my education and career journey, I decided to make an effort to meet an amazing life partner, as it wasn’t going to happen without my help.  One evening, in my early thirties, I walked into a bar and noticed a handsome man sitting off to the side, so later that evening I gathered courage to introduce myself.  After many evenings of dinner and talking I realized he was a keeper; two years later we got married and today we have two children.  In our spare time, we blast music during our private dance parties with the kids, and hangout with our friends and family over tasty food.  Outside of my love for business in personal finance and eating various ethnic foods, creating stylish outfits and sewing fill my creative side. 

There it is, a synopsis of how I became founder of Dollar Dame Inc. and a bit of who I am. Presently, a fire burns within to carry out my current goals and I look forward to updating this page with my new endeavors. 

One of these goals is to grow my business, which means helping more women become the best they can be financially while supporting them in reaching their own financial goals! 

A “free, no-obligation call” is where I can get to know you now… and I promise you will be happy that you did it sooner, rather than later.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

  • Canadian Securities Course

  • Wealth Management Courses

  • Derivatives and Options Courses

  • Life Insurance Course

  • 14 years’ experience in the investment industry

  • Past member & president of the Kelowna Estate Planning Society

Mini Bio

  • From the Okanagan (BC, Canada)

  • Mother of two amazing kids

  • Morning coffee & hip hop music to get moving

  • Lived in Fukuoka, Japan & now in Melbourne, Australia

  • Love food, finance and fashion

  • Enjoy travelling

  • Up for a board game anytime