Love Your Assets, Grow Your Assets™

  • 9 Modules

  • 9 Group Video Calls

  • Private Facebook page to mingle with like minded peeps

  • Checklists and a Workbook

  • 1 Follow-up Group Session


 If you are…

  • Not sure how much you actually pay in fees each year

  • Unsure how your portfolio did in returns and what to compare it to

  • Independent and strong but when you were given investment advice made to feel small and overwhelmed with jargon

  • Worried that you don’t have enough to retire or even slow down in work later in life

  •  The type that has proven herself in her career and is now ready to conquer the personal investing part in life

  • In the position to set aside money because you have mastered the discipline of saving and putting off impulse buys that cause unwanted debt.

Then you may just BE SUPER ready to start learning how to invest on your own with confidence and simplicity. 

What students are saying…

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