Your investment in coaching.

Coaching clients over the past few years has provided me an invaluable insight on what is needed for clients to succeed in learning and changing money habits. So financial programs have been carefully created for each money area that you will face throughout life: such as, budgeting, debt & credit management, investing, and retirement planning.  The programs help you see the time commitment and steps involved with each program and most importantly, will keep you committed to the full program rather than only completing a few sessions and quitting when it gets tough. In the free consultation, I learn more about your goals and tailor the program to your needs.  In my experience, the coaching has helped clients save hundreds to thousands of dollars after advice was provided in various areas of their finances and this can add up over time too. So the investment in a program is usually made up in the first few months to year. Think of how you will feel after gaining more control and confidence in your money matters and all the money you can save by making a few changes that no one thinks to look at. 


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These topics can be done in a group. Visit the Workshops page for rates. All prices are in CAD.

A 60 minute consultation is recommended if you would like personalized coaching outside the set programs listed.