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Investing millions of dollars for clients over almost a decade and coaching clients over the past seven years has provided me invaluable insight on what is needed for female bosses to succeed in changing money habits and investing with ease.

Financial programs have been carefully created for each money area that one will face throughout life: such as, budgeting, debt management, investing, and planning for retirement or less work.

I have helped clients save hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars after seeing their financial situation (it adds up to even more if nothing is done for years). Set up a meeting to learn how I can help you gain control and confidence in your money matters. Think of all the money you can save by making a few changes that no one thinks to look at and put that money away to grow for you over time!


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All prices listed are CAD and do not include GST.

A 30 minute consult is available before committing to a program for $30 plus GST.